Monday, 12 August 2013

the post apocalyptic haze

so here we are survivors, - the haze and spread of the world post armageddon 2012.
what was supposed to happen, another cycle in the mayan calender of birth till death of a society.  one that will reccur in the next 52 years ( if your into following that kind of thing )
i suppose we must have ripped enough hearts out of people and fed them to the hungry sun.
still here amongst the same streets and the same tree's, still lined with oil fed autos. still cold in winter and warm in summer. there was no quick escape, no easy way out.  winter begins to creak under the lengthening days, the weather shifts and rolls as the cold systems find it harder to push up the continent.
the acacias are well into bloom, fortelling the sun to come.  hungry for hearts

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