Friday, 24 October 2014


As I learn more about the massive social network the slow to grow unease withe the beast it grows.
From its auctioning off of the browser information to the highest bidder for targeted ad campaigns and its infiltration into the online life of any partakers of its spread of services.  As the web becomes a place shared and enjoyed by all it must also begin to develop some of the moral freedoms we enjoy as people in the tangible realm.  the freedom of information for the safety of people against mass murders or the suchlike is probably in our best intrests, but marketing our online life should never be at the hands of anyone other than ourselves.  i'm not the only one that believes in some kind of mangable web freedom and thankfully those other people know a bit more about web development and coding
I think this is a good starting point to begin the ball rolling away from mass organisations controlling all of our passwords and all of our private information.  just like in tangiworld we should be able to have safe boxes and filing cabinets for our own doings, and not have the breadcrumb trail of our online paths mapped and logged for future campaigns.  just sayin. blockformtextlike


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