Tuesday, 14 October 2014

BLack river Wine and Red Roses

I haven't got sick of picking holes at the relentless gentrification of inner city Melbourne - this picture is used without permission of the great cartoonist New York native Will Eisner.  Despite his outpourings in the graphic novel/comics category of art his candid depictions of the city he lived in were relaxed and showed the sharp eye he possesed. 
Melbourne real-esate (fake-estate ) is getting to such ridiculous proportions that anyone who is in some way connected to the city and has some sense of it's roots cannot but be called to point finger and wonder at the relentless inflation.  I'm blaming the "culture" aspect.
Since it's a culture I have helped to build shame shame shame, maybe we should have has some restraint and forethought.  Suburbs now sprawl out into the far reaches of land, almost to gippsland to the east and on the foot of the Macedon ranges in a few years. Sprawling across the hills, new settlers lured by the 2k on your way, debt then life in the isolated public transport free burbs, where everything is single story and that fucking unimaginative brick diseased australian design free - creatively free- legacy free- crafted free. 
Read and Weep
return to the desert of the real.

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