Saturday, 2 November 2013

beat poe et ree

and in the great hollow space that divides us we would make a birthday cake and drink to what would be if we could think any different, kerouac said always use the first thing, i think he got it from the jazz guys, they might play 20 takes but they would use the first take as long as it fit the criterea.  i don't think about kerouac that much and it's a long time since i read one of his books, the subtarraeneans and pic, two in one, reminds me now in retrospect of jim jarmusch, jims early stuff anyway.  it's hard to think of things to say all the time so every now and again it's good to feel the flow, better to wait and reap the rewards maybe.  maybe so maybe no.  spring again, i sign my works to the seasons, not sure if anyone else does that but i feel it's good to remind the masses to keep in contact with the natural flow in some form of concious and not just the subconcious, the allergies to pollen and turbelent weather that interrupts texting and pixting on the iphone.  so where are we at, i've been noticing a trend towards 4th dimensional paintings, a relapse back to surrealism, digs back to the past.  i'm going back to the start of this passage, maybe to find a way out, a way to end, a knot to tie the string, the little tree's on my table distract me and i have to shower so kick out the jams.