Friday, 20 February 2015

What is the Meaning of Life

The title of this post is from the 10th placing "top search"? in google under the (what is) string.  It's interesting that people are asking Google for the meaning of life.

Todays work consisted of learning how to make an animation from a small video clip in photoshop, it was a great way to spend a humid Friday. I have tested a few different techniques on here that i was thinking of, the outline animation came first along the profile of the figure and the full colouration of the 40 sign came next, the birds on the wire and the rat colliding were wiry movement studies and the gargoyle atop the delicatessen shop was more of a form study without any colouring.  

Low posts lately, have been getting a lot of hits concerning the last post concerning facebook, to their credit facebook have pulled back on their assault of a members inbox, the concern of tracking is not only a facebook issue, it is part of the greater webs movement towards becoming a hi tech marketing device, fear not though because developers are out there giving us adblocker and Tor, giving the net back to the community the way it was in the beggining.  RRR community radio glazed over the issue of internet privacy recently and linked by Vanessa Toholka 
This link is worth reading and at least knowing the possibilities that are out there. 

These are not to promote illegal activities they are about extending the privacy that we expect in our day to day lives in the tangiworld into the digital platform.

I have already used adblocker plus and it is very effective

At first I resisted using these programs because in some way the ads do pay for sites that I support and are a legitimate way to spread information about events etc, but this can be configured for sites that you support and trust ( and mostly feeds showing gigs listing etc are not blocked ).  This program can save you from pop ups that can potentially read information on your movements and premeditate data theft.  It is good to take precautions and have safeguards in place. 

Blackberries from the creeks and lots of zuccinni growing mad in the humid waning summer, sundown in the evening now at 8:00, no significant bush fires this season, watch out for fuel levels.  Very few days over 40 in Melbourne, only one that I can recall, a mild summer I suppose.  Scale attacks upon the kale and also the zuccinni leaves.  Cactus also sprouted 3 pups which is going to tax it, maybe move it to a bigger pot.  Housing prices reach record highs in Melbourne, the inflation is stupid.  It was worth more when it belonged to no=one and the stewards were inseperable from it.  0 till is hard when you have kaikuya grass, compromises.. Borage grows so well but what the hell to do with it.  Mushroom compost to innoculate the lawn and the previous lumps of tennant lawn matting i think. 

 Thanks for reading Ya'll

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