Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hayfever and Kidney Bean Leaves

Animating practice again today, this took about 6 hours of full immersion including the watching  of a few tutuorials, it's a good way to learn photoshop- the adobe flagship image production program; animation isn't really a big part of the program but due to its impressive colouration and drawing options the program works quite nicely.

It's referred to in the Animation world as the program that is most similiar in production to the way disney would have made their animations, drawn frame by frame.  This is what I have done here, I have seperated the frames by 0.2 seconds and coloured each one by hand via a Wacom tablet and then erased and drawn over the old layers to create the motion, i'm not sure how this will effect my other practices in art but i think it can only be beneficial, especially for studying motion and movement, and especially colouring 75 frames in and out!  Mostly a trial and error as this is the first ground up animation I've done and I can see a lot of room for improvement.  This one was interesting because I was unable to view the motion of the work as I was drawing it so it was a bit of a gamble, I'm sure there is a way within the program but it is a considerable program so I will just have to keep digging for answers I suppose.

I look forward to continuing my studies of this motion imagery.

Storms today, about 1 hour after hanging the washing.  Now humid, outlook for the week is cooling, nights drop into the teens.

To controll bedbugs the arabs would put kidney bean leaves on the floor and the microscopic hairs on the leaves would pierce the leg joints of the bloodsucking parasites trapping them to the leaf, scientists have attempted to re-create a manufactured version of the kidney bean leaf as an alternative to dangerous bug sprays but so far their technology is only half as good at catching the critters.