Sunday, 31 July 2011

the eye of winter passes over and the clouds roll back to the roof

wind moves and sways the leafless trees, old seed pods hang like forgotten christmas boubles.  The light is grey and all colours are downcast by it, the bright reds hues struggle out from their paintwork and are drowned by the oppressive overcast.  Streets are still dry but if i could imagine there was earth and indeed i can feel the earth beneath this skin of tar and bluestone, it is swelling.  Swelling with the smell of rain, waiting hungriliy opening up its maws and glistening fangs, waiting for the sweet rain to gush down and sate it.  As for me i wake late, missing the dawn and the dark sacred morning.  I go for bread, i go for incense i go just to walk out and around, to break the monotony of a workless day, to see the sky in full and not just through a crack to feel the breeze whether cold or cool, i go out just to exist outside this room.  This room where i cannot open a window for fear that it will shatter and shower onto the street below, this room that faces a park with square rocks piled high.  My head is peeling off too fast, it is like time has accelerated triple, quaruple speed and soon i will have no skin on my skull, it will be shiny and white and eyes will stare out lidless at the world and holes and some flesh serve as ear and nose.  My future is beautiful like the rest.  Mountains of ash amongst the deadlands, little eddys in the choking corners.  A paradise amongst the pines.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

gone from being a front line to the unknown

So, a little time has elapsed, this is immaterial, we are living the now.  Here and now there's stuff to talk about like the volume of music in local venues which makes conversation impossible.  I understand but don't enjoy this, already after several minutes exposed to this my ears feel suctioned with a high powered vacuum.  Not very enjoyable.
And this is why yes i shouted at you even after i left the building and made everyone think i was crazy for being very loud and shouting, not a bad thing but still very loud.
The human slips from me though i can't stand it when it's like this, a pulsating and oozing mess, oily and scummy.  Watch it glinting in the filthy street light, relflecting even more festy with it's orange palour.
It is quiet here at least, peacefull, i can hear pedestrons wandering past and they do little to distract me from enjoying myself and pondering where i should paint.
I am restless but happy to be off my feet and drifting off far away into reverie and definately not living now.  But how can i, i have not attained nirvana i am a mere mortal struggling to make ends meet and find a midway between rougue destruction and steadily ushering up the growth of that around me.  Two halves of a broken sun.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Interesting stuff always comes last

Forecast issued at 5:00 am EST on Thursday 28 July 2011.

Forecast for the rest of Thursday

Max 16
Mostly sunny.

Melbourne area

Areas of light morning frost in the northeast. A mostly sunny day. Winds northerly averaging up to 35 km/h.
No UV Alert, UV Index predicted to reach 2 [Low]

Friday 29 July

Min 8
Max 17
Partly cloudy.

Melbourne area

Partly cloudy. Winds northerly averaging up to 40 km/h.

Saturday 30 July

Min 10
Max 16
A little rain clearing later.

Melbourne area

Cloudy. Patchy rain clearing later. Winds northerly averaging up to 40 km/h decreasing to 25 km/h by early evening.

Sunday 31 July

Min 10
Max 18
Partly cloudy.

Melbourne area

Partly cloudy. Winds north to northwesterly averaging up to 30 km/h.

Monday 1 August

Min 10
Max 18
Partly cloudy.

Melbourne area

Partly cloudy. Winds northerly averaging up to 35 km/h increasing to 30 to 40 km/h during the evening.

Tuesday 2 August

Min 11
Max 17
Shower or two.

Melbourne area

Partly cloudy. Isolated showers. Winds north to northwesterly averaging 25 to 40 km/h decreasing below 30 km/h during the evening.

Wednesday 3 August

Min 9
Max 16
Shower or two.

Melbourne area

Partly cloudy. Isolated showers. Winds northwesterly averaging 10 to 20 km/h.
Product derived from IDV10450

Saturday, 23 July 2011

the life of a wallfly

before i forget i must again touch on the subject of the sticking fly which has now become a real object, my unconcious mind has begun manifest into the physical realm, or perhaps it is just coincidence.
 It was in the shadow above where the streetlight struck through the window, splashed onto the wall and lost its battle against the dark.  It watches out across the overflowing bin and the bathtub shower stained with paint and colour and miscenlaneous other.

Water drips into the bowl and i watch the fly and i am sure the fly watches me, it makes no movement and perhaps even it is dead and is simply sticking there and decays slowly but think not.  It watches me and i watch it.  we watch each other watching each other and there is some stillness.  Some people are fucking in the other bathroom, they have been going for a while, endurance love.  It is the tour de france, now, winter and though this post has crawled and struggled it is now over and like me will go rest.

I shower and sleep.  Then wake and work, the streets will be colder than now.
tomorrow morning.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

tinker tailor soldier spy richman poorman beggarman thief

he sees' me and it triggers something,
a memory.
long ago.
there is cobwebs here and dark recesses and water drips from the ceiling
but i am clothed in shadow still
i pass out the door and they wonder about the person that just passed them
she is the waitress and smiles and has nice smile
he is scottish and people must confuse him with an irish man
he is ruia, he has a strange nose and a pale complexion waxy and black hair
she is the queen and she has burnt everything today
to day was the burning day
tonight i sleep like the dead
i had a sleeping line conversation with a friend i thought i had left forever
but a song came across the air and things fell into place,
only a few bolts left to fasten
and this ship is ready to fly
the parade ground is swept by mother
her cold broom is damp and drags grey clouds with
this girl i look at in the photo is thin and has a look in her eye
she is about to throw a ball
julio is nearly at close
time grips the wheel
beyond the center is infinite

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

the tits on rice and oats and soy and almonds

if i was a fly would you let me land on your wall,
i would like that.
to survey your world from that vantage, out of reach of your uncles morning newspapre,
fucked off cause he couldn't get his hands down your skirt last night.
do you think you'll run with me,
i was a traveller before i met you,
and your wall.
the stale cigarette comes from the ashtray, it almost colour the air yellow
my wings
my facet eyes
your world
my crisp shell
electric blue and little hairs that smell you,
your skin and what you were doing last night
escaped here and took a walk around
took a walk around just to see
see what was going down
down town
my eyes

Sunday, 17 July 2011

radioactive fruit ripening and wipe on sex appeal

like flying in a paper plane through the sun and blue sky with green tree's down to the lef side and a giant wall stands there if i pan down and there it is.  Hhaha it seems to say i am mighty and sold and there is you panning down with flimsy plane made of what was once life , here i am rock chained by mans hand by his dreams by his folly by your follys also , there- upon that hill stands god and he is a she. haha run and cry or smile and sigh there is no point trying to fool me for i am you for i am a mirror and you don't exist.

melodica wesley anne 2011 hurrah

And so does ever the music of the hills, dells and suburbs draw up and then to close.
The little advertised but well spoke of festival on the tongues of appreciative musicians and appreicators
is done and dusted.  It was good, saturday was anyway, i wasn't there sunday so tell me what it was like.
Samara was great, beautiful voice and well carried.  Toms closing act was also really great, two acts i would like to see or hear about in the throng of Melbourne's music scene in the near future.  Both well developed song writers delivering great music and emotional song content.
Basking in the silence of choice i could hear well what i could and it was fun while it lasted.
Another please this year organizers.

i will pass the good vibe around.

Friday, 15 July 2011

de la nochas de la manana

Good evening, and welcome, you can come here for some reason to read this and you should not be disapointed, so i will endevour to provide you most gracious viewers with some tastyness.
I am not going to restrict myself to categories which i will stick to because i am a filthy nonconformist and will simply strive for legibility at times and a strict search of heightened artistic expression.
On this note let me forewarm you all that i am an amatuer of amatuers, my spelling reeks of sleeping during english classes and i am prone to forgetting grammar and other stuff, but anyway i feel i am rambling.

There is a hole in the wall
the people go past and some ignore it
other people stare at it on the way to work
and on the way home make sure they observe the directions to pass it again.

A few people throw stuff in there
it's not as deep as peoples imaginations
as deep as their dreams when the moon is high
but it's deep enough to make people wander how it was made in that place

life falls from the sky and cast shadows in
they are black like all shadows are
need i describe this

thanks for reading and i hope to bring some more tasty treats next time,
thanks once again, goodluck and goodnight.

Rore xox