Sunday, 13 December 2015

Death Before Mirage

Dear diary,

I had been putting off an entry, but it seems the time has finally caught with my fingers and caused me to elucidate something, or not - as the case may-be.
Melbourne Sunday, busy not like normal, Christmas hustle, rush to buy, buy and buy.  I had Gogol on my couch this afternoon, after the work was done, the sun was partially blocked by a high altitude haze.  
The Brassicas are killing it this year, Dandelion greens and fresh picked Garlic.  IS claiming more bombings, an MTV helicopter falls from the sky in South America.  
The Paris climate change deal appears to have been successful, I hope this will stimulate people into taking action for themselves in an effort to reduce their own personal contributions.  Less blackroof suburbs would be a positive step. Passive heating and cooling would be a positive step. Public transport would be a postive step.  

The persons opinion and reasoning for not riding public transport - " i don't like riding on public transport there are too many weirdos on there"

A steady start to summer, an early heatwave on the wax of spring and then return, the days ripple between cool nights and warm days, beachy weather and good sleeping weather.  The slug season is over, the snail war is over for now.  

reality is only visible through reason

not all art is visible to the untrained eye, but some is

Through the old wheels of industry into brave the air, some kind of future.

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