Thursday, 31 October 2013

the nihon interchange

this post isn't completely about the current exchange between japan and melbourns art scenes, but it is a thread of something i've been noticing lately.

interest in japanese culture and exchanges between japan and other cultures has been going on for a while, it was known as japonism in france and influenced many the artists including picasso, matisse and others working in paris at the time.

melbourne has aways had a healthy exchange with japan, as it has also with many other countries, allowing for artists and other travellers to come and live and exchange their ideas with ours.

looking at some of the artists currently at work in melbourne esp the fitzroy areas shows this exchange is thriving, everfresh has had a few japanese artists this year and exponents of the japanese noise and improvisational scene have also been around.  and i also see a lot of japanese people around.

this can only be advantageous for our general arts community and hopefully spark some interesting developments.

interesting like the mini zen stone garden with mini rake for your office or study desk
or has that already been invented.

tune in next week to find out