Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Melbourne Rift and Resolutions

Sometimes, I just pass the time, hours of time browsing as many blogs as I can from Australia, Melbourne mostly, and some overseas.  I concentrating on contemporary street based art forms but I am not limited to this, anyone pushing the boundaries of art, writing and its plethora of forms is fair game.  Lately I noticed a large amount of blogs that just died.  Died around the year 2011.  Almost like a swansong before the Armageddon of 2012. A cultural Armageddon perhaps?  An exodus.

Weblogging is a relatively new phenomenon however and perhaps it was just a first/second wave dying out.  Voices lost in the waves, waves of vimeo, twitter, instagram etc.  Out of the multitude of blogs I sorted through on the hunt for more reading there were very few bloggers actually still posting, lack of followers ?  Lack of views, disinterest? 
With the wealth of information out there informing us that if a blog isn't getting a couple of hundred hits a day it's failing, if it doesn't get some sponsors it's finished.  No wonder people drop out, but the dedicated stay on and it is great to be along for the ride, the tirades of life compressed into type, little lines of worlds within words.  I considered leaving my blog at times, other lives, but I'm happy to have stood the test of time, so far, and now writing feels a lot less forced. 
I've always thought that if we can't influence a lot of lives generally we should try to share our own brief enlightenment to a few profoundly.  With subtle care it is our duty if we are given for some unknown reason a gift that may benefit others. 
Dedicated to Arvo Pärt

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