Monday, 21 July 2014

Small Time

  While I wait to be allowed into peoples houses for my work sometimes I make an excuse to sit in the car and do "paperwork".  The back page of my workbook fills with these little sketches.  In between motion pictures/television and reading there is the graphic novel/ comic. 

Somethings are better never to grow out of.

  I like the fact that we can for a relatively small price purchase a masterwork.  The same is true for books I spose.  Some of the greatest graphic novels/(manga)(i know of so far...) are the Lone Wolf and Cub series created by longtime team Kazuo Koike and artist Goseki Kojima., there were movies based on these which were also good but the original paper work is a masterpiece of both storytelling and illustration.  Will Eisner's "New York" is an incredible work in its personal approach to a city and its inhabitants, and remains strikingly current even today, Eisners draughstmanship is also of a standard achieved by few. 

This drawing was a continued meditation on the sometimes clashing agendas of artists on the streets, the ebb and flow of purpose and its sometimes hard reality on the street canvasses. 

Thanks for reading.

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