Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Checkout Operator is a Robot

The first cold cells overthrow the northern warm and the shortening days and mostly cloudswept skies leave little time for the warming of de ter. Hail storm in Melbourne and snow offerings on the high country. Another April and another winter on its way. Prepare the land and hail the hardy Brassicas.

Melbourne loses the iconic Movie Reel, owner quotes online piracy and streaming of movies to be resulting in the lowering of custom. The internet moves like a giant wave, overtaking the tangible world with inexorable surety, replacing it with the digital.010101010101010101010

Instead of going to the shop you go to your SCREEN.
USB controlled sex toys must be just around the corner, instead of going to the pub or cafe to meet people it's into the chatroom.
When the technology of 3dimensional printers improves we will be able to send gifts to people, maybe even send food to the food printer to have stuff printer out of reams of plasma and base carbohydrates.
Das Futuriens, Homo Futuriens, maybe the childrens of today children will have highly developed eyes to withstand the screen radiation, and as suggested improved responsiveness in the hands for typing and texting.

Signs of age: > nostalgia for the walk to the video store, the ensuing choas/order(spectrum) of human interaction, making a choice between titles/covers/pixors and then carrying that physical media to be loaned.

It will be interesting to see how far the internet and indeed digital/virtual world goes, perhaps this is the giant expansion and then it will taper off to reach that helpful and also when malfunctioning - unfuriating place in our lives. Because do we really want to be recharging our ipad so we can curl up on the couch to finish some chapters of Dosteovsky.

I would suspect that if the push goes further online the creative startup entrepreneurs will begin to develop in the online world, perhaps Movie Reel will begin its online life offering that fringe culture that Netflix's with its commercial and mainstream staples just doesn't have and can't have. The internet has always had that freak and fringe element, lately it has been drowned away in the sidelines of all that new flashy graffic design with fonts from caveman to futura.
Maybe this is way away, down the line, when our local barista can wifi into our food printer and have a nice latte ready for .025 bitcoins, when our partner is sexually pleasured wherever in the world they are, and when there are no more bookstores, no more video stores, when going to the shops is pointless because everything is just a print away.

viva la future

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