Tuesday, 1 December 2015


wake in power, spring dies like a desert flower, summer hushes in the southern swells.
June invoice, Roy Orbisons voice, into the cave where music dwells

word motionless

breath hum har very very

another day falls from our fingers, wind pushes the leaves green and red speckled on branches high. 
paris hosts a climate change agenda, the world and every person hosts the possibility of change

echoes - echoes - echoes - echoes and i remember
a hush on the clamour

small movements

there is stillness on the grass, it is afternoon, the sun is warm the shade is perfect.


birds fly in the blue sky
fences pass
black ribbons across the land
black ribbons i never want to meet with hands


i sink below the surface
welcome again i do not need to ask
a strange quiet my heartbeats the only song

city streets people passing by trucks hammer indian chinese greeks french pizza and cajun fries black silicone and blue skies.

piss and carpark smells, cold underground never see's the sun, working up the time, hour by hour minute by minute

tone poems

numbers tell a game, pictures tell a word, letters form a silence, empty hangs like a gust, tipping scales run their mouth, wide walls wander will they do love mie dü


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