Wednesday, 3 August 2011

calliope opens her eyes and peers out into the all day night

the glinting hammer of dawn marks it mark upon the filthy hours we retch upon as day
dragging our weather beaten time beaten self inflicted misery corpses about
writhing with impatience and impertinence unperturbed by grace at every angle
we suffer and delight it in glories majestic and mighty licking at the wounds in us
throwing more justice into the winds than we ever received and fucking at every chance
ants make dust look like mountains and we make cakes look like palaces and paradise
we are a populous virus and rivers are carnage and yellow smoke hovers our breath
hark the evening star and spark the tinder dry the bones grow whiter in the heaven
splinter runs deep and runs up upon a deserted beach of pain cruising a channel and stopping
little rifts begin and soon all the sea is covered in rocking land
red is the blood the shoots up
into the night
the day
we and you
upon this time our mark

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