Friday, 5 August 2011

caught a sliding plastic tray as it fell from the stainless sink

she said storms maybe, i said don't know don't think so think it's too early for the storms this time tho i dont know , you know , doubt myself all the time cause i don't look up at the sky reall seriously or anything.  But i'm sure it's too early, THe changing face of it all is a ne're thing tho, got me reall thinking deep and all like.  Wondering an ponderin. thers a lot o words to be seaid both four and aginst ne're know where to think abou it all.  Guess i prepare for the worst, couldn't do yeself a bad one like it i think.
I can feel the deepness in the mother tho, i should do by now, i spent long enough out there in the deep wild, the dark and the sacred and the burning ground, my soul is stained whatever soul means to ya, guess i'm just trying to say i feel a lot o things more than most city folk do, i feel the way the day rises sometimes and the little shakes that make up a tremor, speak to me big like, make sense like a conversatoin thats long and drawn out, goes on forever, is the language of the planet, the language we have lost most of us, running around to drawn up in the shiny shiny of the big buildings built up on self worth and stuff, silly silly, don't you know how to appreciate a beautiful day or a wind, the way a leafy street looks in the halflight and the way a street sign leans. i can appreciate the beauty of the city as well aint got nothing against it.  But the beaty is that of the fool who is about to be woken, the slumbering rolling off the edge of his bed, the beauty in the ignorant and the beauty of the lost.  It carries it's own rewards.  But when the time comes and i wouldn't be writing this if the time was many years away. When the time comes i continue: arise a hero.  lead the weak and shed the viscous skin of which you have clothed your true self within, the weights of the skin may drag at you later but the vigilance of trueness to form must ride strong.  Into the black days and the smoke haze.  It is coming.  Do not think me a nihlist or a anarchist for i am beyond this i merely see what comes and continue to live and promote a way forward.
The honest of you have already begun preparing.
Go fly now.
Take heed.

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