Thursday, 19 January 2012

deep fried lettuce in soy sauce

when the light all hustles and clears away all i am left with is a vain shadow that follows me everwhere and a mind that won't let me be.
The streets all empty one by one.
I was born here and i'll die here, against my will.
It is presumptous to think that life has a meaning and to ask a meaning of something so simple is a mockery of the reason each of us is endowed with.
If i could have anything in the world i would have nothing.
I can still remember the cannibals reminiscing about the flesh of man (sic) humans.

Ignorance was and still is human kinds greatest enemy.
The only thing any of us have to fear is ourselves.
God is inherent in all things of an equal and true measure, the more civilised that thing becomes the less visable it becomes.

 if you can laugh at your own mortality you can be free of its finality

graffitti is in someways like planting a garden, if you pick the right seeds, make sure they are well suited to their soil and water them and care for them, don't worry if someone pisses on them and have patience you may be rewarded and surprised by what they become and the nourishment they provide.

satan is not so dissimilar to god kind of just seen from a different point of view.

words are a guilt free way of reminding myself that life is the great illusion.

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