Wednesday, 11 January 2012

the new year

Ok so enough putrid bullshit and esoteric scum, this post is addressing the vital importance of the ongoing assignment of renewing street art/art in general and exploring its future possibilities in what some people suggest is at the end of its epoch.

  And the possibilities that australia has to offer on an international level?

We have geographic isolation, an emerging indigenous renewal and a simmering local scene.  Due to the catastrophic rise of the Aussie dollar we have unfortunately lost much European travelers, and also due to the approaching calamity of both the American and Euro currency.  But this has never limited the dedication of artists that are after specific locations for their scene and styles.  Melbourne has been in the past such a place and once again it should be.  With the proximity to the emerging powers of the new world, China, India and the fucking AMAzing amount of culture that is able to integrate into Melbourne without too much prejudice.  All these factors point to a high chance that Melbourne/Australia could have a serious influence on  international arts and culture in general.
Whether in Graff or arts is irrelevant, i think it is time the sketchy local differences could be put aside and the hatchet buried for a while and would be good to see some ideas and new directions tested.

And for gods sake thrown up on the fucking walls.
It would be good to attack the buffers with personal stuff and get a bit of press and get some support from the community this way, without being violent or assuming ownership merely suggesting a share.
After all we all have to look at these walls and in a healthy society everyone should get a chance to put up their piece.  

Australia is in a boom period and these boom times echo across all facets of society and resound through all halls and dells.  I plan on smashing it with all I have, I would hope that there would be some other interested parties open to collaboration and extended integration of alien styles and assimilation with any new scenes that appear, there will be opposition i suppose but there is DEFINiately an opening here.
It would be great to get todays sublime into the castles of tomorrows.

A shout out to all, regardless of everything, united for lunch and a hope to make a mark of the now.


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