Thursday, 8 March 2012


A memorial eulogy BOUT dn


I think even in the next 10 years or so or as long as the paint will last there will still be dn in Fitzroy.
I remember noticing dick nose getting up back around 2009, it looked crazy as they come.
It's funny that i still recall the exact place in Fitzroy and the exact wall and as the wall hasn't been buffed yet i suppose it is still there under the countless layers that coat these talking walls.  

dn was impossible to define, he was equally hated and loved depending how you knew him, and sometimes how long.  He was brilliant and this was evident in nearly every artistic pursuit he did, whether it be writing, music, chefing and graff.  Because he had a style and he stuck to it.

he once told me that in the future people would see the joke in his words.

He went to court a few months ago for his accumulated spree's throughout Fitzroy and as his last defence  his legal team noted that preceeding must move quickly because the mayor was to be interviewed by the defendant.  This seemed to be sufficient to give a little leniency to the man.

I knew him through music initially and writing and he was already established in both these fields.  Several years in the Appalacians with some of the best players around gave him some chops to watch for, and every now and again he would freestyle some that could only have come from a NYr. 

There was no denying the criminal in dn.  he worked the streets for what it was worth and in the heights of his junk habit he rolled many people for cash for a hit.  He has enemies from this that will probably last their lives.  But he kicked the habit and was sober to see what he'd done and he took the hits he got and didn't say too much to tears about it. 

I hope other people can see the joke at least once, that which lies behind the simple letters we have to see everyday.

Rest Easy Brother
1980 - 2012

serial tagger

and in his own words 
king of no style

though sometimes a mountain may be shrouded by mist and cloud is it still a mountain


  1. I am so sorry I didn't read this earlier. This is a beautiful eulogy man.

  2. Yes, it's beautiful... Well said.