Wednesday, 14 March 2012

thanks for having us

dust becomes life and ashes snow
a life can be lived in an instant
and soon passes beyond and away
into the barren lands and the dark cool
what is this life that takes us down into the dark
and into the light beyond the night

i only know what ignorance has held tight to
and i've forgotten the best ideas i've ever had
they fell into that place all ordered and ready
and tied tight with a string of patience
and deep unknowing

autumn ushers in the window
it changes the firs to yellow
and then orange
and finally brown where they touch the ground
to shelter the cold stones of winter and bend down
to slip between them in spring and feed them through summer
before rising into the air
anew and asking us to trust our lives to them
and their knowledge
passes on and on beyond our brevity
but don't wait to hear
life is out there

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