Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fitzroy Art Deaths

Have been noticing the export capper who's been smashing around the roy of late, i don't have photos but you can do yourself a favour get some exercise and see for yourself on Fitzroy Street.  The whole wall from rose street down to street i don't know the name of but towards alexandra parade.
This talented individual has taken meticulous care to make sure all the details have been given a bit of a touch up with the black export quality sheen.  psychopathic talent, distilled into malicious art.
I suppose it is a direct response to the tagging and sometimes vicious locations and responses by graffers to being shoved out so rudely by the influx of shiny tanned newbies and muscular clean shaven meat axes.
I actually me one of these bright sparks one night and he was sadly opposed to the graffetishism that can spread quickly in the soul of true believers.

But who are we to say that colour is better than white and black and long bands of monotonous faber.
i am sure there is room for both of us here in this habitable little village.
Because after all, this all will fade, and run into the seperatness from which it has come, and in a few billion years the sun will devour the earth and all you will have will be your excuses.

and so despite being human i have tried to approach the tit for tat with a bit of impartiality and tolerance and to tell you the truth from my little black heart i find it is the only way.


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