Tuesday, 24 April 2012

a pocket full of rhymes

autumn fades now into winter and it is good to think about the places to avoid the cold and to try not to piss off too many people that you may have to rub shoulders with in the close quarters a suburban winter promises.  A full year back in Fitzroy and I feel at rest, i hate what the new folks done to the saturday night street though, it is repulsive.  But the cold days still find me happy on the streets and in the cafes, bimbos pizza still great as ever and if you tip the staff regularly the pizza is even better.  I am not drinking caffeine in any great amounts anymore so i can only rate the Chai that i have drank at many of the places, first place goes to Babka, second to Black Cat, third to Nova and fourth place to Lentil as anything( because it's free)
I pay really.
with my conscience.
And so we go, another wet winter perhaps, perhaps the sea temperature will change and we will get more droughts in years to come, probably, and perhaps the sun will spew a giant flaming arc of gas at the southern hemisphere and destroy all southern life as some have predicted.  I hope i can get my shit together and get my publication out on the streets though, if you do happen across it don't be afraid of it, fear of something is just a naive way of hiding from the truth that you hold onto to deeply, the truth that you think the same as me just at different times and sometimes, gracefully, in harmony.
My critics are my best friends, they're just going through a particularly arduous period of reconciliation.

Because sometimes is takes a lot of right to correct a few wrongs.


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