Monday, 23 June 2014

Becalmed On The Ocean Of Modern Reason

It is interesting for a pedestrian bystander to witness the evolution of an art movement before their very eyes.  The different schools all see different things, the established class witness less as the more as the movement breaks from the gigantic commercial beast, self destructing and returning into the dark recesses from whence it came and from where it will one day emerge from again.  And for the masses the culture continues, writhing with its newfound mantle and all the weight this entails.  If one were a Buddhist we could liken this to the eternal cycles of death and rebirth, the rhythmic return to harmony.  If you were a minimalist you could probably get away with just writing "again", if you were a Christian you might forgive the street artists for their sins.  First it was Graffiti, then it was street art now its urban art.  What is next.  This is in direct response to two seemingly contrasting posts by Black Mark and Fitzroy Flasher on the subject of the scenes' present.  In Buddhism there is a part of the teaching in which the student is told to kill the teacher, to illiminate the idol, remove the blinding obstacle.  Perhaps this is what street art requires, it is not a physical or even metaphysical killing, more of an acceptance of the limitations of that which came before, its natural limitations, relative to its conception, and the coming into being of its offspring, the torchbearers of the new.

Image above thanks to Banksy, not a steal - just an appreciation, a cover song so to speak, not for fame but for the debts that must be payed.  if you try to sue me i'm just letting you know i'm broke.

Black Mark

Fitzroy Flasher

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