Friday, 27 June 2014

Photographs of A - MTC NEON 2014

Photographs of A is released through Melbourne Theatre Companies NEON Festival of 2014.

The play follows the dynamism of a 19th century Parisian hysteric - Louise Augustine Gleizes.  She was a case study of Jean Martin Charcort and subsequently paraded before the public as an objectified "lunatic".  Helen Morse delivers "Augustine"/"A" with constant turns of character and paranoiac episodes.  Her delivery of the coy and clever dialogue of Brian Lipson is treated with a believable realism and captivating stage-presence.  With a minimal set design and antique colour scheme the overall atmosphere is not suffocating but more an excluded voyeurism of the photographer; free in their space with the lens distinguishing subject from spectator.

Photographs of A is a capsule into our not so distant history where the science of the human condition was in its relative infancy and understanding of the individuals was often overlooked in the quest for knowledge.

Director & Designer
Brian Lipson
Daniel Keene
Helen Morse
with Ben Grant and Anouk Gleeson-Mead
Stage Manager
Meg Richardson
Samantha Potts

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