Sunday, 18 December 2011

in a little while all the streets will be clean and we will fall into the new

sway and the world sways with you
the tall and the weak
the tired and the sweet

It comes at last and takes away the temporary and leaves the bitter taste of ignorance, the foolish space between.  Always, because the fool is only wise if he knows his folly.  Because i cease to exist at times, i move through this life in the body of a human but this is all that will tell of this, and perhaps a ghost of a memory of a life long gone.  Shoddy projector you say.  But i was born in this form and so i will die in it despite all the may come to pass.
And i have tasted a water that was older than the stones.  And i have slept in the cradle of the dawn.
So this is my salute to that life which has lifted me up to where i stand now on the cusp of the new which is also the old and all that which these words can only and should only to others give such brief hints, and always without the stamp of an ego.

the sum of all my efforts is none
in the end
who will count
and so shall it be.

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