Tuesday, 13 December 2011

the seas are all around us and we we born for the swim

light in the eternal city of night.
the shadows race from it as it flicks between the columns and then is gone.
old air that barely stirs as we push through it.
each footfall pushing up a grasping, collapsing hand of dust
it falls away and we are standing on the edge of a grassy field that leads to the ocean.
blue waves crash into white as they sigh and flow onto the fading stamp of land.
the air is warm and the sky is calm and filled with a growing sun.
we walk towards the sea, there is a small rise that hides the beach but we never seem to reach it.
dandelions pass under our feet and the bee's rise from clover, faces covered with the pollen.
but the beach moves out and away, slowly at first but quickening and now clouds race up from the horizon and a fierce wind begins to blow and the lands shake.  we turn and behind us comes a stampede, all animal great and tiny they veer round us our eye in the storm.  racing by, from ever continent, those that crawl and those that run, those that fly and those that slide.
and they are gone and behind them are the shimmering fields of dunes.
the clouds descend.
darkness pursues.
a dying insect trampled in the terror, kicks itself around the hard green grass, pushing itself around and around in a futile struggle against its time.
i turn back towards the ocean but there is nothing but blackness and even the ground beneath seems to tear itself away.
and then there is silence.
silence and a different shade of black, the cloud is lighter and the air smells of damp earth and fog.
the horizon is defined by rolling hills of blackness and a copse relieve the moon on its path towards me across the dew and the silver cloud.
little holes in the sky remind me of other worlds and a falling star divides the sky for a moment and then is gone.
we are all alone now.
if we raised our hands up they would fall away into nothing.
split into their compositional fibers and molecules and rejoin the plasma the gave birth to all life and what all life will once more become. spreading from our hands through the mystery of our clothing until we are complete.

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