Monday, 12 December 2011

reign on our parade

autumn is clutching still at the lower half of this continent, some people also refer to it as australia.  Cold fronts this late in the year surely point to the la nina weather influence which crushes certain weather conditions onto this place.  Makes the grass grow greenerer anyway.  And at least we don't have a drought anymore and it will make the bushfire season a little offset perhaps.  Unpredicatable water and sea conditions will however make the sailors dig their heels into the dry docks and shiver in the squally conditions or toast mashed mallows over little tins of kerosene and talk of la mer.
 Campers better pack their tarps and shovels cause your digging drains and drying wet wood to smoke yourselves yellow while your babies cry as they are fed upon by mosquitoes and even the koala bears will probably take shelter under your car and maul whoever decides to approach what is now their territory.  Apart from that, take care on the roads and drive safe.  Over to Bruce now with the Sport.
Bruce: Thanks Reginald, you sure are a relentless optimist, how about i come down to melbourne some time and we both slit our wrists in a spa bath of warm champagne.
Reginal:  Thanks Bruce your such a comedian.
Bruce: i wasn't joking.
Bruce: man whore

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