Friday, 15 July 2011

de la nochas de la manana

Good evening, and welcome, you can come here for some reason to read this and you should not be disapointed, so i will endevour to provide you most gracious viewers with some tastyness.
I am not going to restrict myself to categories which i will stick to because i am a filthy nonconformist and will simply strive for legibility at times and a strict search of heightened artistic expression.
On this note let me forewarm you all that i am an amatuer of amatuers, my spelling reeks of sleeping during english classes and i am prone to forgetting grammar and other stuff, but anyway i feel i am rambling.

There is a hole in the wall
the people go past and some ignore it
other people stare at it on the way to work
and on the way home make sure they observe the directions to pass it again.

A few people throw stuff in there
it's not as deep as peoples imaginations
as deep as their dreams when the moon is high
but it's deep enough to make people wander how it was made in that place

life falls from the sky and cast shadows in
they are black like all shadows are
need i describe this

thanks for reading and i hope to bring some more tasty treats next time,
thanks once again, goodluck and goodnight.

Rore xox

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