Saturday, 30 July 2011

gone from being a front line to the unknown

So, a little time has elapsed, this is immaterial, we are living the now.  Here and now there's stuff to talk about like the volume of music in local venues which makes conversation impossible.  I understand but don't enjoy this, already after several minutes exposed to this my ears feel suctioned with a high powered vacuum.  Not very enjoyable.
And this is why yes i shouted at you even after i left the building and made everyone think i was crazy for being very loud and shouting, not a bad thing but still very loud.
The human slips from me though i can't stand it when it's like this, a pulsating and oozing mess, oily and scummy.  Watch it glinting in the filthy street light, relflecting even more festy with it's orange palour.
It is quiet here at least, peacefull, i can hear pedestrons wandering past and they do little to distract me from enjoying myself and pondering where i should paint.
I am restless but happy to be off my feet and drifting off far away into reverie and definately not living now.  But how can i, i have not attained nirvana i am a mere mortal struggling to make ends meet and find a midway between rougue destruction and steadily ushering up the growth of that around me.  Two halves of a broken sun.

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