Thursday, 21 July 2011

tinker tailor soldier spy richman poorman beggarman thief

he sees' me and it triggers something,
a memory.
long ago.
there is cobwebs here and dark recesses and water drips from the ceiling
but i am clothed in shadow still
i pass out the door and they wonder about the person that just passed them
she is the waitress and smiles and has nice smile
he is scottish and people must confuse him with an irish man
he is ruia, he has a strange nose and a pale complexion waxy and black hair
she is the queen and she has burnt everything today
to day was the burning day
tonight i sleep like the dead
i had a sleeping line conversation with a friend i thought i had left forever
but a song came across the air and things fell into place,
only a few bolts left to fasten
and this ship is ready to fly
the parade ground is swept by mother
her cold broom is damp and drags grey clouds with
this girl i look at in the photo is thin and has a look in her eye
she is about to throw a ball
julio is nearly at close
time grips the wheel
beyond the center is infinite

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