Sunday, 17 July 2011

melodica wesley anne 2011 hurrah

And so does ever the music of the hills, dells and suburbs draw up and then to close.
The little advertised but well spoke of festival on the tongues of appreciative musicians and appreicators
is done and dusted.  It was good, saturday was anyway, i wasn't there sunday so tell me what it was like.
Samara was great, beautiful voice and well carried.  Toms closing act was also really great, two acts i would like to see or hear about in the throng of Melbourne's music scene in the near future.  Both well developed song writers delivering great music and emotional song content.
Basking in the silence of choice i could hear well what i could and it was fun while it lasted.
Another please this year organizers.

i will pass the good vibe around.

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